Tuesday, September 22, 2009
We’ve got a very special announcement…
We’ve got a very special announcement…or we will soon! But the only way you’ll be able to find out what this mystery is is through Twitter. So if you haven’t joined Twitter yet, head on over to www.twitter.com to sign up. It’s really easy – all you then have to do is follow us on www.twitter.com/powderfinger_au and listen out for updates. All we can tell you at the moment that Ms Fanclub is in a high state of excitement waiting for this all to be revealed…

Another thing getting her all a-flutter is the thought of the new Powderfinger single ALL OF THE DREAMERS floating across your airwaves from this Friday morning! Of course it will also be streaming on the Myspace page.

Watch out for more exciting news on Friday!

Ms Fanclub xox


Blogger Deb said...
yeeeeegads! how much botox and photoshop went into THAT image!

Blogger Jackie said...
and what about the Halo behind Boof? what the????

Blogger Cathi said...
That's not a halo, that is the flash reflecting off the mirror in front of Boof.

It was the only way they could get him to do as he was told.

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