Monday, September 7, 2009
Let Sleeping Dogs...
Hi there everybody,

Hope you're all well.

The recording of the album has finished. I'm not sure if I can publish the name of it yet (here's a hint: G... R...). Now see if you can work that out before it comes out. Actually I revealed the title in my last post but the powers that be censored it. "As per usual Cogs," they screamed, "you're ruining the surprise!'' Oh, and how right they were, for I had presumed (in my presumptious manner) that the title was Sleeping Dogs. That was the title we were sitting on for a while, but the more people we told the more we got looks of disbelief. Actually I seem to remember that someone was physically sick when I told them. We must hand it to the Hog though, he never liked that title and although he didn't resort to vomiting on the rest of the band, he was quite forward in his disgust for 'Sleeping (Dirty Filthy, "I think I have the swine flu every time I hear that profanity") Dogs.

So now we all know that the title was, and now isn't. As hard as it is, I must admit, The Hog was right. But please don't tell him. I must also admit that G..... R... is and was my personal favourite. Which begs the question - who was right first? I think we all know the answer to that, don't we?

Anyway, enough bickering. Here's a little insight into our week of preparing for the release of the first single and the album:

Rachael Dixon's (Manager's P.A. or executive producer of meetings) things to do from meeting 2nd September:

1. Decide on artwork from Storm Thorgensen - JC and Hoggy could you please get in contact with Darren, Cogs and PP and make up after the fight you had about this. Hoggy, please take back the comment that the artwork looks like a finger painting your daughter did and Cogs please take back the comment about 'I get better stuff from a night of gastroenteritis than this.'

2. Talk to Head Pictures about their video concept - BF and Darius, this will mean that you will have to swallow your collective pride and forgo your wizard (DZ) fighting the White Knight (BF) concept for a few weeks. I'm sure it'll suit the second single.

3. Please all agree on your outfits for the secret gig and find an appropriate wet nurse to wash and prepare the extra large accessories.

4. Please submit your list of imagined celebrity guests that appeared on the album (for the last time Darius, it's to stimulate sales so please keep Barry Manilow's name off it. I know he's an inspiration, but please). Celebrity chefs and pro surfers may be contentious.

5. For photo shoot - Urgent - please point out which parts of your body the photoshop assistant should concentrate on when touching up the photos, e.g. Double chin, protruding ears, hairy nose, pecs (enlargment of...), eye colour, package (enlargement or reduction thereof) etc...

6. Agree on album sequence.

7. Rock, paper, scissors for who appears first in credits.

So there it is. And you thought we didn't have much to do while we weren't being musicians. Baby, playing is only a fraction of what we've got.

Catch ya,

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Blogger ElMulder said...
Hey! We want the first single! Any idea of when we will be able to listen it?

Blogger Gavin said...
"Great Rack"?

Blogger Helen said...
JC, your brother saved my life...he rocks

Blogger Cathi said...
I think it must be in recognition of you Deb - "Grunge Rocks".

Great post Cogsy, hope they leave you with a mic for the next tour.

Secret shows should be in each state too, none of this pansy one off preview stuff.

And hurry up and get the damn thing out.

No, no, not THAT, the album.

Blogger channah said...
Pirate, for the record, it wasn't me that vomited on hearing the original title.

But I might take a bucket to that secret gig Cogs was talking about, just in case.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Golden Rule?

Blogger cogsy1258 said...
Great Review babe!!

I'm looking forward to seeing you guys again... Hoping to have a great time :)

Luv ya, ....... xxoo

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Gig Relics?

Great blog there! Is this album out before or after ARIA night? Prob safe to say you won't be up against those talented yet annoying amigos from SC this time ;p

Take care and gear up for Homebake, including your mic :)

Blogger Jackie said...
Thanks for the blog Cogs... I needed the laugh

Gentleman's Revenge????

I wonder how they'll go photoshopping Boof's ugly mug?


Blogger JoR said...
there should have been a laughter warning on this! the ppl in this library are looking at me rather oddly

Blogger furgle said...
Going Raw ?
Gone Raw ?
Got Raw ?
Gay Rodeo!.

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