Friday, September 11, 2009
GOLDEN RULE - the new album out November!
Howdy folks,

We’ve been promising you some exciting news, and here it is! We can happily confirm that Powderfinger’s new album will be called GOLDEN RULE, and you’ll be able to get your mitts on it from Friday November 13th!

Your first taste of the new material will be the single ALL OF THE DREAMERS, which you should start hearing on your radio and online from September 25th. From the first upbeat notes, ALL OF THE DREAMERS is a loud and powerful statement, with the lyrics placing it somewhere between On My Mind and Like A Dog.

"All of the Dreamers is the most consistently upbeat song that we have written in our entire career”, says Bernard. “It's a sideways glance at the sometim es redundant nature of party politics. It's not a particularly political song actually, in the sense that it is taking a side, just a general dissatisfaction with the way 'democracy' can be blindsided by the self interest that holding onto power can generate. I suppose in that sense it alludes to any kind of relationship, whether it be political, business or personal".

As those of you who have been following the blog know, the band recorded the new album with good friend and producer extraordinaire Nick DiDia, who aside from producing the band’s previous albums Vulture Street, Odyssey Number Five and Internationalist, has also worked with Neil Young and Pearl Jam. After making all of their previous records far from home, the band elected to record at Studio 301 in Byron Bay and mix at Studio 301 in Sydney. The studio location also allowed the band time to surf, golf and dress up every week for 'Gentleman’s Friday'. The setting was clearly an inspiration for Cogs, who came up with many self-proclaimed "good ideas” and had to be banished from the studio for some time. For more details and some new studio photos, check out

So what does the rest of the album sound like, you ask? It’s a little bit of a departure from Powderfinger’s signature sound – unusual instrumentation, dramatic angular structures, some strings, experimental harmonies, horns and some hard riffs!

So that’s about all we can tell you at this stage. Make sure you look out for upcoming emails and visit our social networking sites for more info as it comes to hand. There’ll be some big news that will be coming to you via Twitter in the coming weeks, so join up here.

Only 15 days to go until you can hear ALL OF THE DREAMERS!

Ms Fanclub xox

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Blogger JoR said...
wow. all systems are well and truly go now.
im finally getting excited!!


Blogger Pirate said...

I can't wait!! :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Fantastic news, !
may I suggest Sheffield and Cardiff as brilliant venues for a UK tour !!

Blogger Łukasz said...
Please, think about sending a promo-singiel to Antyradio in Poland!

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