Friday, August 7, 2009
Message from the brains of this operation...
Hi all,

At the moment I'm sitting at home on the Sunshine Coast after being banished from the studio for, from what I can interpret, "having too many good ideas". What really happened was, I stopped letting other people take credit for my ideas (eg. Cogs: "Hey Bern/Dz/Hoggy/JC, can you mention that vocal idea for this song's outro to Nick (producer) when you go into the control room?" thing I know Nick says to me, "Hey Cogs, Bern/Dz/Hoggy/JC just had this great idea for the outro") and I started claiming some points. No, it wasn't for the sake of racking up credits on the sleeve of the CD, it was because I'd gone too long without warranted recognition. As a great Australian one-hit-wonder band of the seventies once said, "What about me, it isn't fair, I've had enough now I want my share". But now I stand banished so I've started shooting my new reality show tentatively titled- 'The Amazing Me'. First episode coming soon. You wait til you see the Cogs wakes up and washes his face scene...brilliant television.

But seriously, young Darius, Bern and the Hog are in Sydney mixing the new album at the moment. They started on Monday and yeah baby, I could feel the world lift when the final mixes of the first two tracks were dropped on to quarter inch. JC and I (otherwise known as Australia's finest rhythm section) are home tending to family commitments and trying to reduce the amount of cooks in the control room. We're hoping to get there next Monday. I talked to Bern through his lawyers yesterday and he said that all's going well. The stylish and laid back Daniel Denholm (Composer, Producer, Arranger and Engineer) has arranged strings that will be recorded on Friday. Yes, you may feel the world lift then as well. Bern's main dilemma though was: should his birthday on the 15th be celebrated in pirate fancy dress or 18th century classical composer fancy dress? You may agree, and sorry Bern, but I can't really see the difference. A pirate is an 18th century composer who has lost a leg and an eye from drinking too much. But, let's give him some credit. He is a perfectionist. You'll find out in a few months when the album comes out.

Anyway, hope you're all well out there in non-rock-star world. As Jeff Fenech once said, I (we) luv youse all.

Catch you soon.

P.S. thanks for all the Splendour-goers who sang for us the other night. It sounds amazing in the track. You wait til you hear it, you'll be loving yourselves sick.


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Blogger Cathi said...
Haha Cogs, Tell UB (through his lawyer) to go for the 18th Century, it's amazing how makeup and a wig can improve someone's looks. Pirates don't wear enough makeup (for "Berns").

Did you help Cogsy write some of this Toolkit?

Tell us more about the TV series, please.....

Blogger JoR said...
hooray for strings! now im getting excited.

its a nice blog cogs but you just lost several points for inadvertatly putting shannon noll in my head.
(agh! get it out get it out!!)

Blogger Liz said...
Haha... Very clever, Mr Cogs.

Looking forward to hearing the new album.

I should have known you'd returned... the Sunny Coast felt, well, sunnier.

P.S. You spelt 'brains' wrong.

Blogger Jackie said...
Tell the Ugly Bastard to go the 18th century. That would have to be how he dressed as a lil tacker back in the 18th century :op

I look forward to the reality tv show. How many times do you intend to flash your arse? I want to make sure I'm out making a cuppa.

Blogger Pirate said...
Um. Shannol Noll wasn't from the 70's.

Blogger Pirate said...
Erm. Neither was Shannon Noll.

Blogger cogsy1258 said...
Haha! Oh dear Jon, I hope you are seen washing your hands - at least once! Unlike another bathroom scene in LA...

Comparing yourself to Moving Pictures now ey? Chin up Jonny boy. I'm sure someone out ther appreciates your input.

Blogger JoR said...
yes pirate but he did the cover that seared into my memory. (Inadvertently). Sheeesh, I’ll get you a dictionary for your birthday hun.

Blogger cogsy1258 said...
brains is not spelt wrong, would be funny if it was!!!! Lol

P.S. Luv you too, Cogs

Blogger Deb said...
saying "it needs more cowbell" doesn't necessarily count as good input.

but keep trying cogs.

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