Thursday, August 20, 2009
And we're done!
G'day Good People,

So...a Mexicana, a Jamaican, an Englishwoman, an American, an Irishman and five Australian musicians walk into a bar... sounds like a joke but this is exactly what happened last week when we were 'busy' making our new record in Sydney. And after the splendid hospitality of our new best friends at The Rose in Chippendale, nobody walked out, we crawled. This is nothing to be proud of but definitely a night of note. The only recommendation I have is that if you make your way into the Rose, and George offers you one of his 'hot nuts', don't be tempted to taste them.

I am now on a plane high above the Central Coast, making my way home to sunny Queensland after we put the finishing touches on our new record at 301 in Sydney over the last few weeks. We spent much of the time cheering on Nick DiDia as he put together what I think are the best mixes that we have had so far in our career. We also spent a large amount of the time helping Cogs through his hallucinations that his 'ideas' were the ones that made it on to the record. It really is amazing what vodka, slipped into early morning herbal tea can do can do to facilitate the 'belief' process. If you see him, just smile and wave, so to speak.

To be honest, I am still sporting a hangover after a few of us headed out on Saturday night to celebrate my 40th birthday. That's right. It's hard to believe isn't it? That someone so chiselled, so vibrant, so well... handsome, could have aged so gracefully. I put it down to my Irish ancesters and the beauty secrets I picked up from Leo Sayer at the ACMF Ball in Sydney last week. As far as presents go, I was pretty impressed. Amongst other things... books, a balloon ride, both full sets of original Kiss cards from my oldest friend Foggers (he was living with me at the time when my girlfriend used part of my set to steady an uneven fridge!!!!!), some monkey cuff links and probably the most useful present of all from the Middleton family... a MIRROR. Darius has always been my favourite and will now remain so for a long, long time. As most of you know it will come in for some serious use. And thanks to you all for the wonderful messages of support, congratulation, applause and encouragement that you left on the forum. I feel so blessed to have such genuine, sincere, affectionate and unsarcastic goodwill directed my way.

So, it looks like our new album is pretty much ready to roll. There are a few final mix and mastering type things to take care of, but overall we know what is going to be on there, in what order and what it sounds like. To me, it feels like we have made the record we have been trying to for quite a while. It feels like our most fully realised album since ON5 and I don't remember as much satisfaction amongst the band at the conclusion of an album making process. So now starts the process of working out how to present these songs live. It should be fairly simple as most of them were recorded as live tracks anyway. But it might take us a while to find a Q Chord player who has not only the right chops, but also the right hair and dance moves. Auditions could last for weeks!!

Until then folks, hang in there...we'll see you soon.


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Blogger Pirate said...

Told you all he'd have a hangover.

Good thing Cogs doesn't read your blogs... He might be a little upset.

Blogger Jackie said...
"that someone so chiselled, so vibrant, so well... handsome, could have aged so gracefully." ---> sounds like Cogs isn't the only band member hallucinating.....ha!

Blogger channah said...
Must be a MAGIC mirror from the Middletons!

Blogger channah said...
and on the hangover...

At your age, it's better to be stuck with an immovable hangover than an immovable overhang.

Blogger Jackie said...
I want to know if the mirror has cracked yet?

Blogger Angela said...
oh so exciting!
Are we Brisvegans going to be treated to some Denim Venim soon?

As for your pressie - my Grandad reckons he's never seen a mirror he didn't like :)

Blogger Liz said...
So Darius is the favourite. I can see him blushing now. I hate to be the party pooper but it's not really a mirror... just a table tennis paddle with a picture from 1994 glued on.

I don't know what a Q Chord is but we could provide a pretty classy line up of dancers... and I'm sure Lisa will put her hands up to play Hoggy's cords.

Glad to see our loving well wishes were received.

Blogger Rena said...
So looking forward to your next record!

Blogger Party Planner said...
Hi Bernie - hope you can help me. My BF is turning 50 in Sept and having a party on the long weekend in Oct. She has asked for you, Jon Bon Jovi and the Manly football team to come to the party - as she says "I can only dream". Her invitation has you, JBJ and Brett Stewart on it. At work every time On My Mind comes on the radio she makes everyone stop work and get up and dance to it - it's hilarious. I am not expecting you to come (although you are more than welcome) but if you could send a video or card wishing her happy birthday that would be great. My email address is if you want to reply. I'm glad you have finished the album - now I know what to get her for Xmas.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yay super excited - half way through good bottle of sauv blanc and the kids and I (well mainly me) are puffed from rocking out to Across the great divide DVD.

Can not wait to hear the new stuff...

Blogger elainer said...
It was great to meet you guys! I am glad you have got some memories of Sydney to take back home with you, even if one is pretty hazy and involved some terrible pool playing, haha. I can tell you that George’s hot nuts have stayed safely behind the bar, where they belong, since your visit. Make sure you come and visit the next time you are in town and sample some more Rose hospitality! Looking forward to hearing the new album.

Take care guys

PS Bernie, sorry about the Ashes!

Blogger Shaz said...
I can just picture Bern now...
"Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is te fairest of them all?"

congrats on the album guys. we wait...ready to pounce through the doors of our favourite music stores..luckily my sis is the manager of Sanity :)

Blogger Sue said...
Hi guys

I have been meaning to check out your website for some time. I am really excited about the new album and the possibility of a tour to promote it??? Please don't forget about us over here in sunny Perth...

I actually wanted to touch base and let you know that I really love the dream days album. It really has a significant amount of personal meaning for me - particularly "Nobody Sees". Although it probably was never indented to, the song really helped me to survive domestic violence. I still cry every time I hear the song... It really made me feel that someone understood the silence of the reality of my life. It is ironic that nobody saw what was really happening to me. Everyone thought my life was just amazing - if they only knew the truth. Thank you, nobody sees really helped to give me the strength to make some huge changes to my life. I am now safe and out of that environment. It took me seven years to get the courage to escape from that environment but I have done it now.

Thanks so much for the brilliant music. I have been a huge fan for many years! I will be lining up for my copy of the new album.

Thank you so much for all the inspiration :-)

All my very best wishes

Sue xxx

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Gold as per usual from the front man...Hang on I'll stop there as Cog's won't be the only one with hallucinations..

Glad you interrpreted our birthday wishes on the forum with such a glow of love around them, we do try hard..

Must run as the monkey is off JC's back once again (that has to be a record)

Can't wait for Homebake, let the games begin!

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