Friday, August 28, 2009
Blue Steel
Hi everyone,

We kicked this week off with one of our favourite pastimes as a band - photo shoots. As much as we all begrudge having our photo taken I think we brought it, with a few blue steel moments from some of the guys. We started the shoot in a studio in the Valley on Sunday afternoon before going out on location on Monday. We were up bright and early to take in the glorious views at Mt Glorious, followed by other locations at Paddington and the Valley and finished the day with a sunset shot at Nudgee Beach. Monday's shoot was coupled with a record temperature of 36 degrees! Needless to say we weren't really dressed for summer, but comfort must sometimes be sacrificed for style, or so I've been told...

Another thing that has been hard to take this week is being an Aussie Sports Fan, with the simultaneous loss of the Bledisloe and the Ashes. Losers in both hemispheres!

Anyway, we are pretty busy now putting the finishing touches to the album, with the songs being mastered in the US and deciding on final details like artwork and agreeing on an album title. We'll get back into rehearsals soon enough - with the focus on Homebake in December. Hope to catch you there.

Stay Free.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
So is one of you officially Zoolander? Please, I hope it's not Boof, he can't have the glory all the time. Any botox involved? And no lies because the picture tells a thousand words remember. We'll be able to tell if it was, and not just the sun making you squint!

Looking very much forward to the newbie and hearing it at Homebake, pretty sure the usual suspects will grace your presence so be prepared!

Have fun! And take care on the PC, at this rate, you're at risk of r.s.i. ;p

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