Thursday, July 30, 2009
This bird has almost flown
A warm greeting to you, one and all. It would seem the pages are turning on this record, guitars are spectacular, vocals are stunning, drums and bass are superb, and let me say right now... the Splendor crowd of 2009 were absolutely mind blowing (those who were there will know what I mean).

This album has been a very enjoyable process, from start to where I sit right now.... on the couch listening to some final touches being made to the songs. I have finally got the Hurdy Gurdy onto a song (it really makes it, of course), my dulcet vocals really shine, JC's Chimes tinkle beauty onto a couple of tracks, Cog's orchestral playing is absorbing, and Bern's crooning is.....well....crooning.

We have enjoyed having our studio crew dressed each and every day in their labcoats, and of course Nick continues to set the bar high every Friday (Gentleman's Friday).

Last Friday saw us doing a little busking outside The Great Northern Hotel. Not something we have done in the past, but something we may do again, purely because it was so much bloody fun. Nathan, I've been trying to find you, to give you our earnings... as promised. If I can't find you, I will be swinging the earnings into a charity.

As expected, Hog, Cogs and I tore up the surf out front of where we are staying, myself relishing the 2ft waves on a longboard... to the other guys' envy. Every few day, Bern, JC, Nick and I swing the golf clubs before the studio... and I'm sad to report I have not aquired the winning medal once... not bloody once, though I persist.

We leave this lovely place in a few days with fond memories and a pretty special album. A few of us are heading to Sydney to begin the mixing process, to be joined by the rest shortly after. To be honest, we will have time on our hands... Nick has the project well and truly under control. I think I'm ready to hand over the reins.

So, send me a line, let me know your innermost, darkest secrets, and I'll lend you an ear. I may even offer councel, for a small fee of course. The 'Fingers have often taken my services up, and will be more than happy to offer testimony.

Until next we meet,
Senor Darius El Guapo

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Blogger Nick said...
You may not have aquired the winning medal for gold, but you win the winning medal for TRYING YOUR BEST.

You're a star, Senor, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


Blogger Nick said...
El Guapo? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA *wipes away tear*

Blogger Deb said...
i have a problem darius... that you are playing homebake a few short weeks after i am due to give birth.

babies are allowed at homebake right??

Blogger Jackie said...
Darius, you may not have won the gold medal for golf, but I'll give you a gold star for trying :o)


Blogger Liz said...
I don't think I have enough coin for your counsel. How much will help cost if I can't help but Google words that don't look right?

Blogger JoR said...
hooray im not alone in my poor spelling abilities!

Blogger Jackie said...
Liz, I have some loose change here I'll donate towards your counselling with Darius.

Blogger Alley said...
Hey Guys
I've enjoyed all the updates but the gold star goes to Hogs - what a great blog! Love the new Black & White website but at first glance I thought Darren had been replaced by Rai from Thirsty Merc! I thought you had grown an afro - it suits you maybe you should try it? Hope Sydney isn't as much hard work as Byron was!

Blogger Liz said...
Jax, will you have enough change for the counselling Darius' will need after I've finished?

Blogger Jackie said...
Maybe.... I'll check down behind the lounge chairs. That's usually a goldmine.

Blogger JoR said...
@ Alley. hahahaaa

Dear Doctor Darius,

My third testicle is preventing from having a productive and fulfilling sex life.

Do you have any advice?

Blogger OSI_XIII said...
Glad you enjoyed playing Splendour & the visit to the bay, I've heard the band supports Splendour moving from the bay to yelgun (20mins up the highway in bushland, on a protected wildlife corridor, if this is true, please withdraw your support, it's the wrong site for a festival of Splendour's size & others for that matter.

Blogger Corey said...
News of upcoming cd made my day! Please tell me you'll come to America to promote it!!!

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