Monday, July 13, 2009
Surfing, golf...and a little bit of recording
Hi everyone out there in Fingerland. JC here.

As week 3 in the studio comes to a close the record is really starting to come to life and we are all getting very excited about it. ‘Gentlemen’s Friday’ was another success with some new bags of fruit on display. Hoggie won the day with an army green suit teamed with a wild paisley shirt.

Outside the studio Cogsie, DZ and Hoggie have been harrassing the local surfers (First Light People as some of them liked to be referred...) and with the change in weather the surf is now starting to go fully sick, apparently. The Byron PGA golf championships are well underway, with Australia and the USA the only countries being represented. Nick and I have braved the elements and started the day with an early walk of the course before heading into the studio. Australia is currently slightly ahead on the leaderboard. DZ has been a no-show on our last 3 planned games - so is now being referred to as Pull the Pin Middleton. The other great news for us is that the Ashes have started so we’re looking forward to the Aussies teaching those pommy dudes a lesson.

Until next time - Stay Free.

Blogger Pirate said...
That should read "another lesson", JC!

Ian is clearly the most stylish of you all.

Blogger Liz said...
A disturbing visual seems to be the common denominator in all of these updates. This time it's the 'bags of fruit'.

Blogger Jackie said...
Liz, stop it! you know I have bronchitis! I'm starting to think I should keep an oxygen mask beside my computer.

Well JC, I hope as much effort is going into recording as the obvious effort that is being taken in organising your ensembles for GF.

I just received the "proof" in my inbox this morning. Is the colour of that photo intentional to hide the true horror of some of the said ensembles?

Thanks for posting JC, it's good to see you in cyberland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I had to pick myself up off the floor after reading who the author was for this blog! Great to see your "Blogging for Beginners" adult course get some use JC ;p

Liz, I too was disturbed by the term "bags of fruit". Does that mean it's the male version of a camel toe??? I shudder to think...

Cheers for checking in JC, the cyber monkey is off your back!!!

Blogger Jackie said...
On "your're talking about your generation" the other week they said something about the male camel toe. I "think" it was called a Moose Knuckle.

Blogger dint said...
I suggest spats be used as a protective measure against the vomit likely to be gushed in response to the visual trauma of afore mentioned clothing

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