Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Little update for the recording:
A scrabble board was purchased on Monday. The game was hotly contested between JC(55), Hoggy(79), BF(127) and Cogs(207). BF challenged with AWASH on a triple word but couldn't compete with JUNKY from Cogs on a triple. The game was sealed by Cogs with GOVERNS on a triple word also making a plural of FEINT. The studio's really firing at the moment.

Darius and Hoggy have been frequenting the Railway Hotel for their amazing cuisine and brilliant solo performers. Bern's been playing Flashdance and the Chariots of Fire soundtrack and stretching out into a semi-professional gallop along the beach every morning. Blink and you will miss him.

Blogger Jackie said...
Cogs, having a bit of a gloat are we?

Could it be confirmed if Boof is wearing his green tartan number as he's running slow-mo down the beach to the Chariots of Fire soundtrack?

The Flashdance visual is too disturbing to comment on :op

Blogger Leah said...
"stretching out into a semi-professional gallop along the beach every morning"

- Clearly Boof is going very well for his age if he is still doing beach work. Most noble steeds break down at about 7. But I couldnt help the little bit of vomit that climbed up my throat from the visual.

Sounds like this new album will have some big words in it if the mighty game itself is residing in the studio.

Chariots of Fire reminds me of Burning Ring of Fire, and like Jackie, thats just a bit too disturbing to comment on.


Blogger Pirate said...
Congrats on the win Cogs :)

Though it really says something for the album if the only thing you find you can talk about is how you won at scrabble, where you lot can be found eating, and what Bern listens to when jogging.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Cog's is clearly boasting ;p

Boof must have those EPIRB's on his mind with words like AWASH scoring his scrabble points..Great to see the intellect flowing whilst in the studio but hasn't the songwriting been completed??

mmm get me something to settle the stomach...The imagery of Boof on a beach in a leotard and leg warmers is quite distressing. Was Bruno there?

Enjoy your holiday guys, sounds like you so aren't working :)

Blogger Jackie said...
stop it indie..... I've just eaten lunch and I'd rather not have it regurgitate (try using that in scrabble....ha!) on me.

Boof better watch out running along the beach; the local kids might try to kick sand in his face.


ps nice to see you in here Beda.

Blogger Leah said...
Jax, I was in disguise, now you gave me away!

I would quite like to see Berns in a Oliva Newton-John inspired work out outfit. In fact that should be the cover for the new album
Bern in ONJ Leotard
Cogs in budgie smugglers
DZ in a penguin dress suit
Ian in a poncho
JC in a life jacket with those wading pants.

Dont ask me why, but I think it would really work for them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I knew it was you Leah...

I quite liked your comment about boof being a noble steed...For some reason, I pictured a skinny greyhound ;p

Blogger Jackie said...
Leah, you are a sick puppy. I can see the nightmare I'll be having tonight. Boof in his Olivia Neutron Bomb inspired outfit singing "Physical... Let's get physical... let me hear your body talk"


I think I better go and have some soda water to settle my tummy down.

Blogger Jackie said...

you see a greyhound, I see a skinny whippet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
haha noble steed...That'll do Donkey, that'll do.

Yes I think a greyhound could pull off a green tartan number on the track!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
cough beach

Blogger Liz said...
I see nightmares all 'round tonight.

You go get 'em, Cogs. Show off that 105 IQ. I hope someone was consulting the dicsh dictiner dictina spell checker.

Blogger Toolkit said...
Everytime i play Scrabble i make the word "At"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey..If you boys want a band to check out, Dropsaw are playing at the Youth Centre tonight in Byron..Not sure if it will be your cup of tea but Cogsy might like the talents of the drummer ;p Bit of healthy competition for Toolkit!! lol!!

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