Thursday, June 25, 2009
SES Emergency

Right, well here we are in Byron Bay. So far it has been raining most of the time so unfortunately, a fair bit of recording and studio time has interrupted what was supposed to be a golf/ surfing holiday. So we are in the studio working hard and waiting for the weather to break.

The most interesting and exciting thing that has happened so far is that our accommodation was 'almost' washed into the ocean. There was talk of SES evacuation plans and all sorts of amazing stuff. There have been excavators blinking, grunting and beeping day and night, filling sand bags and generally making hapless attempts to hold back the king tides that have swamped the coast these last few nights. We have armed ourselves with an EPIRBs and a surf mats in case in case our oceanside mansions are washed away in the dead of night.

Speaking of surf mats......................Cogs, DZ and Hoggy all went for a surf this morning. Cogs reports that he was 'in the green room in a wave of consequence'. He also claimed that he and Hoggy 'dominated Darius "Brizzo" Middleton while they were out there.

The second most interesting thing that happened was that JC and I both wore the same jacket to the studio on the same day. It was SO embarrassing. Luckily the paparazzi were busy shooting Cogs, Darius and Hog waxing their surfmats, to catch us in such a sartorial dilemma.

Tomorrow is "Gentleman's Friday" which is designed to improve our standard of dress, once a week, while we make our record. I will report soon about the outcome. I have especially bought a tartan green number which I am expecting will set a benchmark for the rest of the album session.

Oh yeah, and Nick Didia is back at the helm and doing a fabulous job.

OK, see you all soon.

Blogger Pirate said...
Green tartan is always classy. No matter the occassion.

Glad to hear life's progressing well enough up there!

Blogger Nick said...
Gentleman's Friday should be you think you guys could pull off being gentlemen? Honestly?

And you guys should really ring around to see what each other is wearing before you come in each morning. It would save a lot of potential embarrassment.

Blogger cricket_mstr said...
Sounds like an awesome place to be recording, you never know what chaotic situations and environments will end up delivering. Why did you chose that place?

Blogger Jackie said...
Hey Boof...

Nice to see you taking some time off from your "golfing holiday" to speak to your peeps.

I hope we are going to see some "Gentlemen's Friday" photographic evidence on the website. You know we love to critique band members fashion sense (or lack thereof).

Speaking of fashion faux pas...Did you made JC run back to his room to change; or did you lose paper/rock/scissors? haha.

Seeing as it's raining buckets down there, I'll send you some floaties just in case your waterside mansions get washed out. I'm so considerate.

See ya Boof


Blogger Liz said...
Where will you be getting the gentlemen from?

Blogger Jackie said...
touche turtle!

**picks self up off floor laughing hysterically**

Gold star, Liz.

Blogger Rhiannon said...
I second that photos of Gentlemen's Friday are a must. Please :o)
Bit of action makes for good inspiration, but please stay dry!

Blogger Deb said...
might as well stop recording boys... according to richard wilkins, the music died today.

Blogger JoR said...
im puzzled. WHY did you and JC have the same jacket?

Blogger Jackie said...
JoR, it's the result of what happens when they go shopping together at Lowe's.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dam I was going to say what are the chances of the pair of them scoring the same jacket at an op shop?

EPIRB's...Edible Panties In Resealable Bags..Just the thing for anyone's survival ;p

Blogger JoR said...
indie, thanx for that clarification!

maybe they were a batch of factory seconds that were dumped in the op-shops bin?

Blogger channah said...
Those EPIRBs sound like another consignment of lost Ralph magazine giveaways.

On the styling issue - is there any truth in the rumour that Bruno is en route to Byron Bay...?

Blogger Jackie said...
or they purchased every issue of that particular Ralph in preparation for natural disasters occurring in Byron.

Oh lordy if Bruno makes it to Byron while the boys are there he may try to introduce bleaching into Gentlemen's Friday.

Blogger channah said...
Yes, I'm sure Bruno would be looking forward to helping Cogs, Darius and Hoggy vax their "surfmats" with paparazzi in attendance.

Blogger Liz said...
Ouuuuchhhhh... My mind's eye is hurting with those visuals.

I heard a snippet of Drag's "Long Way Home" on channel 9 tonight. I hope Darius is collecting his royalties so he can afford to wax his board (or whatever Bruno suggests requires waxing).

Blogger Jackie said...
Liz, here's one for your mind's eye.....

First new promo photo has them decked out in Bruno's microshorts. oh wait, I think I've just freaked out my mind's eye. I may just have to go back to perving... I mean watching Federer.

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